Elimination Round is also known as Zonal Preliminary Round, which is service designed to find the top learner’s in all our programmes per school. It’s also intended to boost school competition within our learners for our programmes.They consisted of competitions in our Educational, Arts & Culture programmes.


In the Elimination Round the Spelling-Bee learners are required to write a dictation of about thirty words. Then the competition proceeds to do the crossword and scramble word puzzles; an allocated time will be given to each puzzle. Results were combined together and the top 3 learners will proceed to Provincials.


The Read-a-thon programme entailed of a learner is given two minutes to read a short passage from a newspaper article. Questions may be asked after reading to check if the pupil understands the text he/she just read. The top 1 learner per grade will proceed to the next round.


While our debating teams were given three different topics they could debate on. They debated on a topic of their own choice and the outstanding learners will form a team to represent their school as a team in Provincials.

The Arts & Culture portfolio consists of the Poetry and Drama programmes.


The poetry competition consisted of only 10 learners per school are given the opportunity to participate in the poetry programme. Learners get an opportunity to recite their chosen poetry piece. They are given marks on their presentation and overall performance of their poem. The best poets will then proceed to the provincials.


While the drama learners get an opportunity to act out themes chosen by them. The learners get to interpret a theme on their own and have an opportunity to do their own script writing; own production to showcase what they have prepared. They are marked on the efforts of their production, their presentation and performances.

All the top learner’s in each programme from each school; gets the opportunity to represent their school at the MFDF Provincial competitions.