Mthethwa Family Development Foundation (MFDF) was founded in 2008 with the ideology of developing a better society. The organisation focuses on children between 9-13 years. MFDF provides holistic support to these children through the use of unique activities and programmes. Qualified and experienced experts make up the different committees which assist MFDF in identifying and assessing potential beneficiaries based on set methodologies. The committees also rely on the assistance of external, relevant associations such as teachers and district leaders in their respective areas. All donations made are governed in a transparent manner. They are utilised strictly to ensure that all MFDF programmes are sustainable initiatives for the benefit of the children. The funds are utilised in a number of activities such as upgrading of existing facilities in schools, procurement of new equipment and any other needs as identified by the various committees.


To be recognised as a leading educational, arts & culture and sport-oriented organisation, focusing mainly on mental and physical development of underprivileged children through Spelling Bee, Read-a-thon, Symposium, Netball and Soccer.


To provide an environment conducive to learning and the development of skills and talent through enjoyable educational programmes targeted at key areas.


Mthethwa Family Development Foundation (MFDF) has 7 school portfolios. All schools are geographically located in disadvantaged communities. These schools were carefully handpicked based on the great need these schools have for development.

Each school on average has about 1200 pupils enrolled with 142 participating each year in MFDF programmes every year. These programmes are designed for learners between the age 9 – 13 years. A qualified committee assists MFDF in identifying and assessing the beneficiaries based on set methodologies. Donations are used to ensure that all the MFDF programmes become sustainable initiatives. All donations go towards the funding and implementation of all programmes in the beneficiary schools. All donations/ sponsorships are distributed to identified individuals or schools.


MFDF is committed to the vision of giving back for the growth of the community at large. Our strategic projects are aimed at achieving set goals as well as building a reputation as one of the most socially responsible organisation in South Africa. We have a robust and transparent governance structure to oversee the implementation of these strategies. The various committees will operate under these guiding values:

  • Transparency: MFDF conducts business and values relationships based on 100% openness and disclosure.
  • Accountability: The different committee members are obligated to account for their activities, accept responsibility and to disclose the results thereof. All financial transactions must be clearly outlined with due processes followed.
  • Result Oriented: Committees strive to achieve all set goals in a responsible manner within the allocated time frame.
  • Professionalism: Every member demonstrates a high level of excellence, professionalism and competence in carrying out their duties. This is reflected
  • Integrity: Committee members operate with the highest level of honesty and ethics.
  • Making a difference: MFDF is set apart because it strives to make a significant difference in the lives of the children through our unique programmes. These programmes would have a lasting positive impact on the mental and physical wellbeing. This is the core value of our organisation.
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