Arts and Culture

Poetry , Dance and Drama

In this programme the children showcase their artistic skills. Our sourced mentors provide guidance and motivation to further develop and nurture their talent. The developed skill could lead to overall development of the child. The portfolio currently consists of Performing arts with fine arts to be added in the near future. We believe every child should be presented with the opportunity to develop their speaking, writing, performance and leadership skills.


To develop and put together performers who can be able to get to perform at the Grahamstown Arts Festival.


To expose and develop the artistic skills which learners do not get fully exposed to during the main academic program through professional coaching and mentoring.


  • To create an emotional attachment to the work
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Creating awareness of how poetry can be practised in real life.
  • To develop script writing
  • Directing and Stage Management
  • Transform their talents and expression in the art of performance
  • Be able to captivate the audience as well as increase the quality of work the learners produce for their audience.


Present the opportunity of the young child to think out of the box when they get to high school as to which career path they might want to do which is not specifically the traditional careers

Performing Arts; Drama:

Learners get a chance to do their own stage play from concept and management until the final performance giving them the chance to have many different hats of the production in a bid to be the winning drama from the competing schools.


Learners are provided with the opportunity to either use their own written poems to perfect them and perform them to their best of their ability. This provides them with the opportunity to go above their limitations and use anything to bring this art to life

Fine Arts; Drawings & Crafts:

Expressions of the art come in many forms and we understand that there are some learners who are not performers, they do however know how to use their hands wisely and artistically so to tell a story. The programmes for these learners are found in the fine arts category of our programmes. They have a chance to draw or create paintings with some learners bringing their creations to life through creating crafts.

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