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Cold Feet is a campaign aimed at challenging individuals to spend a cold winter’s day going to work without shoes. We would like people to know that there are children who spend every day without a simple pair of school shoes just to get an education. The campaign will run throughout the winter months. We ask that each person donate money or shoes when participating or should choose go a day without shoes.


The aim is to get as many donations as possible to buy school shoes or donations of shoes to children who can’t afford school shoes. A platform to provide under underprivileged learners with school shoes.


Strive to make a difference to underprivileged learners that do not have proper or no shoes at all by restoring the learner’s self-esteem in donating a pair of shoes.


The cold feet campaign’s worth is to ensure that every child is wearing a pair of shoes to school and not obliged to walk barefoot to school and back.
  • To ensure that every child is wearing a pair of shoes to school
  • To provide support to underprivileged children and ensure their well-being
  • To uplift a child’s self-confidence
  • Foster a different environment
  • In 2017 Mthethwa Family Development Foundation will introduce the MFDF Cold Feet Run/walk. All contributions made will go towards buying shoes for the children for the underprivileged for the winter season.

    TRIPLE P CAMPAIGN (Pledge A Pad)
    Many studies have showed that annually, school girls without access to feminine hygiene miss on average 50 schooling days due to menstrual-related hygiene challenges.
    In many African communities, there are stigmas and taboos around menstruation that lead to so many young girls not receiving information about puberty and often being completely unprepared when they have their first period.
    Our mission is to respond to the reality that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of school girls in South Africa, do not have access to sanitary pads and therefore miss up to a week of school a month. It is our goal to run a sanitary pad drove to collect, find the supply sanitary pads to schools within South Africa, to restore girl’s dignity.
    Every girl in South Africa deserves access to safe and hygienic sanitary products. Our goal is to help girls/women reclaim the dignity that poverty denies them and will enable girls to make a lasting and positive impact on the communities they live in and society as a whole.
    The aim is to not only collect just pads but new undergarments to assist with the hygiene. As many have resorted to using newspapers; toilet paper, cloths/rags etc. We will be distributing the pads and undergarments amongst our 9 schools in Mpumalanga; Gauteng and North West. Donations will be appreciated and any contributions. Please note that all undergarments need to be brand new for hygiene purposes.


    Triple P campaign aims to open minds, hands and a dialogue about the issue but mostly reach those facing this and make a difference in their lives. To lift up women and girls’ self-esteems by improving their monthly hygiene and to help restore dignity to young women.


    We want to educate and build a woman’s self-esteem by teaching them to maintain their self-confidence even their menstruation season. To remain hygienic and build a confident generation of women in South Africa. To also reduce the absenteeism rate in schools and assist with a basic need many undermine.


    This will encourage children to devote themselves in literature through reading aloud from different books and amongst their peers. This will widen their spectrum and horizons in their studies and will also stimulate their mental abilities.


    To empower learners with good reading techniques like:

  • Uplifts the women and girls in communities
  • Educates the community on issues faced by women
  • Builds the self-esteem of those going through their monthly cycle
  • Fosters a healthy and hygienic environment for women
  • Reduces absenteeism rate in schools
    One thing we all seem to agree is that there is an ever-continuing problem with bullying in our schools from primary level throughout to high school.


    To eliminate or reduce Bullying as much as possible and create a learning atmosphere conducive for all the learners within the school environment.


    Teaching effective solutions of identifying and how to respond to all methods of bullying through raising awareness, interaction with the learners and showing the effects of bullying on a broader scale.
  • To educate about the effects of bullying and different types of bullying.
  • To protect victims from bullying and ensure that the harm is not permanent.
  • Ensure education systems teach more on the issues of bullying.
  • Get professional help for those affected be it the victim or the attacker.
  • Get the community to work hand in hand to be able to be easily approachable for learners to seek assistance from them to avoid tragedies.
    The country as a whole is losing a large number of individuals due to road rules not being followed correctly. The campaign will let young children take responsibility for road safety as well as road rules from a young age.


    Create a safer environment during transit for the learners and community while building character of leadership within the learners.


    Teaching effective solutions of identifying and how to respond to all methods of bullying through raising awareness, interaction with the learners and showing the effects of bullying on a broader scale.
  • Increase safety of the scholars, school and community.
  • Create and train ambassadors of the school within the road safety fraternity.
  • Create the element of leadership to our learners and children from a young age
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