Educational Literacy:

Spelling Bee, Read-A-Thon, Debating
These programmes provide children an opportunity to develop and expand their vocabulary, word usage, pronunciation improve on their public speaking, and writing skills.

Arts and Culture Programmes:

Poetry, Dance and Drama
In this programme the children showcase their artistic skills. Our sourced mentors provide guidance and motivation to further develop and nurture their talent. The developed skill could lead to overall development of the child.

Sports Programmes:

Netball and Soccer
This programme gives the children the opportunity to hone their sporting skills by competing with other schools. It is aimed at creating an atmosphere that will compel our children to discover their gifts and talents.

Social Development

Adopt-A-School & Adopt-A-Child
This social initiative empowers individuals’ and organisations’ resolve, enabling them to make a greater financial impact on the alleviation of monetary needs of the schools and pupils alike. In this programme, the individual or organisation would adopt a school/ child and ensure their financial wellness is sustained.


As the number of orphans and vulnerable children increases, MFDF seeks to respond to the added pressure on schools and our communities. There are many children who need your help. Therefore, there is a need to contribute in order to improve the situation under which these children live and grow. You can offer your support by sponsoring a child in us adopt a Child program. Your contribution will help us


All children should have the opportunity to encounter modern learning environments as a normal part of their educational experience. We believe that children can’t receive a quality education if they don’t have the resources they need to learn effectively. Therefore, there is an urgent need for improved school infrastructure and facilities to enhance educational opportunities for students. This can be done by adopting a school.

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